About us

A school project

It all started in Leiden

We started (and are currently working) on this company & platform as a school project but we do have the ambition to grow after that.

Startup Ville

Also in Leiden

The school project where multiple people start companies and get mentoring from a teacher, just like in an incubator!

The team

The People

We are currently working with a small group of people on the project!

CEO, Co-Founder

Daniël Langezaal

Heya! I’m Daniel, I’m an ambitious software engineer that loves a good-looking application. Follow us on our journey during this project.

Outside of this project, I make websites and software for everyone that wants it. Check it out here.

CTO, Co-Founder

Thom Leenman

Heya! I’m Thom, I’m the type of software engineer that loves good code. And with good code I mean that I use many tools to keep my code clean 😛

Interested in what I do outside of this project? Check my portfolio website here!

Follow our journey!

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Heya! One of your friends or family members sent you this link, which is awesome of them!

We’re working on the next big social platform. And we want you to become a part of the launch!

That’s why we invite you to become an early member of the platform which grants you the following things:

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