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Did you know?

47% of people feel lonely.

We think we can change that by connecting people. Introvert or extrovert, we’ll be able to connect you to new people with the app we’re currently working on.

The app will connect people in different ways to each other and it won’t be one of those “swipe to match”-type of apps.

If you want to meet new people and attend amazing local events, sign up below!

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People in bubbles online

Why use Heya?

Modern ways to connect

We’re working on revolutionizing the digital friendship space. Be sure to subscribe below to our newsletter to know how we’re gonna do it!

For who?

For everyone

Our platform will be usable by everyone who wants to use it. From teenagers to the elderly, it’ll be fun for everyone.


In the upcoming months

We’re gonna open the platform when we feel it’s the right time. Subscribe to our newsletter below to know exactly when we do so.



Heya is going to be a social platform, where you can connect with other people in the way you like it. Aka: You just have to choose which one you’re most comfortable with!

Maybe you dislike starting a conversation, and just want to go to your gym with someone new, don’t worry, we got you!

Our main focus will be to match people based on their interests, so you instantly have something to talk about!

It all starts with you!

Get exclusive beta access 👀

I know, you’re hyped for our app (and so are we). Sign up for our newsletter and get exclusive beta access before we go live.

This will grant you the following amazing things:

  • Get an exclusive discounts, only for early access members!
  • You can directly tell us what you think of the app and we’ll make it perfect with you!
  • And more things, only for early members.
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Really early tester

"Inviting everyone"

I’m inviting everyone I know when Heya goes live. People that aren’t on the early access list will miss out on the exclusive discounts!


Really early tester

"I can't wait!"

From what I’ve seen, I’ll be using this app everyday. This app will revolutionize the way we meet people online. I can’t wait to download Heya!


Really early tester

"App I've been missing"

I didn’t have many friends back in the days. This is the app that I’ve been missing. I’m glad a company is working on something great like this.